IB-Harvard learning alliance strengthened

A leading professional development program offered by Harvard Graduate School of Education is now recognized by the IB in a new learning alliance.

Project Zero’s professional development programs, offered through the Harvard Graduate School of Education, have been recognized by the IB as category 3 PD. Through this IB-Harvard learning alliance, IB educators worldwide now have a unique opportunity to further develop their IB teaching practice at a world class university.

Project Zero’s PD offerings help educators develop engaging learning experiences and support the development of skills for today’s complex and interconnected world. Educators can engage both in-person and online throughout the year.

Chief Schools Officer at the IB, Andrew MacDonald, commented: “We work hard to provide IB educators with enriching collaborative workshop experiences with leaders and providers who inspire and who have reliable expertise to share. The Project Zero courses at Harvard Graduate School of Education will enhance the innovative professional development opportunities we provide to our IB educators.”

Project Zero’s 13-week online, coach-facilitated course offerings – among them Creating Cultures of Thinking: Learning to Leverage the Eight Forces that Shape the Culture of Groups, Classrooms, and Schools; Multiple Intelligences: Expanding Our Perspectives to Support All Learners; Thinking and Learning in the Maker-Centered Classroom – are grounded in day-to-day teaching and leadership practice.

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