The IB collaborates with to connect with millions of families in the United States


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The International Baccalaureate (IB) partnered with non-profit on a new strategic data project. This collaboration aims to connect parents directly with the IB curriculum, enabling them to explore different educational opportunities for their children.

Families across the United States (USA) can now search for IB World Schools and browse academic offerings on the leading school information site. GreatSchools is the only national organization that collects and analyzes data from all 51 USA state departments of education and the federal government to provide analysis and school quality ratings.

Parents can easily locate IB World Schools in the USA directly on and, in the case of high schools, browse curriculum details. The IB celebrated the opportunity to partner with GreatSchools, which reaches approximately half of all K-12 families in the USA per year.

“Parents looking for an individualized approach to their child’s education will be thrilled to discover an education that fosters critical thinking and a passion for learning. We’re hopeful that our collaboration with GreatSchools will facilitate this connection, empowering families to discover the transformative opportunities offered by IB World Schools,” said Matt Costello, Chief Business Development Officer at the IB.

The addition of IB data follows a series of data expansions by GreatSchools to raise parents’ awareness of rigorous academic programs and increase demand. Currently, the IB has a presence in more than 5,700 schools across 160 countries, with approximately 2,330 programmes and 1,900 authorized IB World Schools in the United States.

“We aim to provide parents with high-quality school data to help them find the best educational options for their child. To do that, we are constantly looking to offer a deeper picture of school quality beyond traditional outcomes data,” said GreatSchools CEO Jon Deane. “Partnering with the IB allows us to seamlessly connect the millions of USA parents who visit each year to a global leader in education that enables students to succeed in and out of the classroom.”