Embracing innovation and inspiring action at the IB Global Conference, Singapore


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This week, the International Baccalaureate (IB) welcomes educators, experts and school leaders across the Asia-Pacific region in-person and virtually for the IB Global Conference, Singapore, from March 26 to 29, 2022. 

The conference theme, 'Embracing innovation and inspiring action', will stimulate engaging conversations about curriculum, best practices for education, technology and new approaches to teaching and learning.

Haif Bannayan, Global Director, Business Development, set the stage with remarks that reaffirm the axiom that education is the strongest force for good in a changing, challenging world:

“Innovative solutions often emerge from complex challenges. When explored, they can reveal new horizons, promote collaboration and nurture resiliency.  IB students' ability to think above and beyond and collaborate across countries, cultures and disciplines allows them to create much needed change in the world today and in the future. IB programmes are designed to be innovative from the ground up and ready to match the educational needs of today.

As educators, we are discovering that interdisciplinary and advanced disciplinary competencies are required to cope with the uncertainties of the pandemic and our rapidly changing world. In this age of artificial intelligence, we still must rely on humans to create ethically sustainable solutions, to understand what is relevant and valuable to society."

"Drawing upon the same skills championed in the IB classroom, we are inspired to see IB World Schools applying the critical thinking that delivers innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today”, said Bannayan.

During the conference, educators, experts, and thought leaders will connect and share new educational insights and best practices with keynote speakers, topic experts, IB staff, and exhibitors. Additionally, more than 40 live and on-demand sessions offer participants the opportunity to network with peers, learn tangible skills for the classroom, and gain insight into the IB.

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