Introducing IB Insights, the IB’s new interactive assessment data analysis tool


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“The whole design is driven by a vision to make IB assessment data more accessible to schools.”

On 14 July 2021, the IB launches IB Insights, a new digital tool that provides interactive, visual presentations of assessment performance data. The tool is available to all IB World Schools offering authorized Diploma Programme (DP), Career Programme (CP), or Middle Years Programmes (MYP), free of charge.

Wendy Choi, Learning in Assessment Manager and Assessment lead of the project says:

“We are all very excited to launch IB Insights. The whole design is driven by a vision to make IB assessment data more accessible to schools so that coordinators and teachers can use these resources to inform their learning and teaching.”

She adds:

“This information would usually take schools hours or even days to process manually (namely converting data from IBIS to spreadsheets for further analysis and visualization) and is now available as rich interactive graphs to all IB World Schools with just a few clicks. The data on student performance and teacher predictions across subjects and student subgroups, and at the question item level, will also allow us to further enhance the high quality and fair education provided to all IB learners.”

The tool provides customizable reports about key aspects of assessment performance. The first three reports which will be available to schools are:

  • Subject Question Analysis
  • Actual vs Predicted Grades
  • Internal Assessment Analysis

Educators will be able to analyze and compare performance across student groups, subjects and assessment components to explore what students understand well and where they may struggle.

Currently, all three reports have three years of data available, with the exception of May 2020 since examinations were cancelled globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As developments on the tool progress over the next couple of months, schools will be able to access five years of data on the IA and PG reports (when exam data is available), which will be on a rolling basis.

The IB will continue collaborating with schools to inform future development and features.