The Festival of Hope collaborates with IBlieve to elevate the youth community


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The Festival of Hope, an initiative that aims to create spaces for millions of young people to explore, inspire and transform humanity, is partnering with IBlieve, a non-profit organization supporting Diploma Programme (DP) students to bring youth voices into the IB community.

The IB’s Festival of Hope and IBlieve partnership represents another step forward in the IB’s commitment to strengthen and connect our global community of international students, through social media and youth engagement projects. The collaboration will build on the work of the Festival of Hope in kickstarting conversations about pressing global challenges, to inspire a generation that is hopeful and hungry for change.


“We want the Festival of Hope to channel young people who are their generation’s leaders and energise, support, and build up those who feel hopeless in the face of the world’s challenges. Through these partnerships we will empower and support youth voices to build bridges and forge bonds, as well as working together to create a new dynamic of change,” Jennifer Bahrami, Festival of Hope Co-director.

Since its launch in 2022, the Festival of Hope has already sparked empowering discussions in Chicago, USA, and Cardiff, Wales, as well as in many virtual spaces. These conversations will continue throughout 2023 and will further propel its mission to unite young changemakers, share knowledge and experiences, and inspire each other to take action to achieve a positive impact. These partnerships closely follow recent announcements of the launch of the Global Youth Action Fund and the HundrED Youth Ambassador Programme.