Which PD is right for me?

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers both face-to-face and online professional development.

A robust quality assurance framework supports all of our professional development opportunities to ensure we meet the same high standard at every event we host, no matter where in the world it is held.

You can register for professional development events on this website, whether the event is face-to-face or online. 

Face-to-face events

The IB runs many face-to-face events, throughout the year, all over the world. Each event includes several workshops. You can sign up on a workshop-by-workshop basis. 

One workshop provides 15 hours of professional development, across two-and-a-half days. This offers the opportunity for sustained focus on professional growth and development – without distraction. 

Face-to-face workshops also provide:  

  • collaborative learning experiences
  • opportunities to network and share best practice with peers
  • regional and global perspectives
  • personal interactions with colleagues.

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In-school workshops

There are other types of face-to-face professional development, which have a slightly different booking process. For these, schools apply to their regional office.  

The first, in-school workshops, allow a school to complete professional development on their own premises – bringing the experts to them. These are available in all three IB regions. 

Read more about in-school workshops, or request to host one using the IB information system (IBIS).

District and cluster events

In Africa, Europe, Middle East and the Americas we also offer in-school events for groups of schools.

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Online professional development

You can also register for online workshops using this website. While the topics are similar to those offered at face-to-face events, online workshops provide flexibility and convenience for educators unable to travel to an event. 

They are also cost-effective, and available at any time – meaning that you can complete them without taking time out of school. 


Alongside these workshops, the IB provides online seminars – known as webinars – that develop expertise by providing brief, specific snapshots of different aspects of IB programmes. 

Learn more about webinars, including how to register.

Virtual workshops

Starting in 2021, the IB will begin hosting virtual workshops and events.

Virtual workshops are primarily synchronous and are intended to closely resemble the experience of face-to-face workshops through a virtual platform. They offer 15 intensive learning hours during a period of consecutive days.

What do IB virtual workshops look like?

  • Typically occur over 3-4 consecutive days
  • Up to 5 one-hour sessions per day of primarily synchronous engagement
  • Hosted through a web browser-based application with video conferencing
  • Led by a trained IB workshop leader
  • Small class sizes: maximum of 25 participants per workshop leader
  • The content is the same as what is taught in face-to-face workshops

What are PD Provider hosted virtual events? How are they different from those hosted by the IB?

PD Providers are typically educational organizations and IB associations that work in cooperation with the IB to host workshops. PD Provider virtual events follow the same criteria listed above, but take place through their own virtual platform(s) and provide all support to registered participants.

PD Provider virtual events are now available in the IB Americas and Africa, Europe Middle East regions.

Other approved PD

The IB works to provide IB educators with enriching collaborative workshop experiences with leaders and providers who inspire and who have proven, reliable expertise to share. Find out more about these providers.

Contact your regional team

If you have questions about professional development in your area, please read through the information for each region on our website: 

If the information doesn't answer your question, each page lists an email address you can contact.

Questions about specific events may be answered on the listing for that event, so please check for relevant events using our events and workshops search