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IB Exchange is an interactive professional learning platform where IB educators can access thousands of resources to support teaching in their programme and subject, connect with and learn from peers, and elevate their expertise by contributing their teaching and learning insights within a global network of educators.


What do educators gain from IB Exchange

  • High-quality unit plans, lessons, classroom activities, links to high quality primary and secondary sources, and other resources to support outstanding IB teaching, curated from educators around the world.
  • Short, practical videos, podcasts, blogs, and presentations targeted to Approaches to Teaching and other aspects of IB pedagogy. 
  • Moderated, dynamic communities of practice where educators can exchange teaching materials, share best practices, and connect with peer coaches for specific, practical advice—all in a supportive space led by IB teachers for IB teachers.
  • Community events to support implementation of IB approaches to curriculum and pedagogy; from monthly webinars to our first-ever Mathematics Virtual Symposium. Click here to view the list of events.
  • Micro-credentials designed to help educators master key competencies from the IB Teacher Capabilities Framework and earn micro-credentials attesting to their mastery.


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During the pilot phase, IB Exchange will launch to subject-specific teacher communities in January and August.

Currently, IB Exchange is open to Diploma Programme teachers of:

  • Biology
  • Business Management
  • CAS
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Extended Essay
  • History
  • Language A
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Social and cultural anthropology 
  • Theory of Knowledge

Primary Years Programme is fully available to all primary years teachers.

To gain access, update your MyIB profile to note that you teach in one of these areas. Learn how to update your MyIB profile (PDF, 454 KB), existing teachers should refer to Section B for step-by-step instructions on adding a new subject to their roles.

IB Exchange is recruiting content experts

Contribute practical, daily-use teaching materials, like units, lessons, and classroom activities, or write and produce learning modules aligned to the IB Teacher Capabilities Framework. These positions are paid.


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Sneak peek

Professional learning in IB Exchange is self-paced and interest-driven. Educators can learn from anywhere they can log in, at any time.

Take a quick video tour of IB Exchange, then dig deeper into the following sample video content:

You can also take a look at the IB Exchange Maths Symposium Programme.

January 2023 update

IB Exchange is currently live and available in English for PYP Upper Primary and the following DP subjects: Business Management, the DP Core (CAS, Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge), Economics, History, Language A, Mathematics, and Physics. New subjects will be added every January and August until all IB programmes, subjects and official languages are represented in IB Exchange. Educators working in all languages and programmes/subjects are encouraged to update their MyIB profile to include all subjects they teach, as well as to apply to be content contributors, as we build a deep reserve of interest and expertise for the future of IB Exchange.

Data privacy notice

IBO staff will use your data to optimize the IB Exchange user experience, improve its content, and better understand educators’ needs for ongoing professional learning. No data on your usage of the platform will be shared with your local head of school, coordinator, or other administration.

For any questions about IB Exchange pilot, please email us at [email protected].

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