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Educators and school leaders can attend IB professional development workshops in a variety of ways.

If you are ready to register for a scheduled workshop or to request a workshop, please read the information below.

Register for a scheduled workshop

Use our workshop search tool to find and register for any of our scheduled workshops. You can filter your research by keyword(s), location, category, programme, delivery option, language, and more. 


Register for a workshop


Key information to complete your registration

  • Participants can attend IB-approved workshops face-to-face, online or virtually. You can read more about each of these delivery options here.
  • Explore our latest IB Workshops and Services catalogue for detailed information about each of our workshops. Please note IB workshops are classified in three categories.
  • Coordinators and leaders at schools in the process of authorization or evaluation can register individual teachers to workshops to meet the IB’s professional development requirements.

Request a workshop

You can request a workshop for educators from one or group of schools in your area via our online portal.


Request a workshop


Key information to complete your request

  • Any current IB World School, candidate or interested school can request a workshop for a minimum of seven participants.
  • Schools can request that workshops be delivered face-to-face, online, virtually, via a combination of face-to-face and remote learning via our “blended” model (available in the Americas region only). Read more about these workshop delivery options.  
  • Schools can request any workshops from our IB Workshops and Services catalogue. Please note IB workshops are classified in three categories.
  • Schools can submit a request for one or more workshops with over the same set of dates.
  • Please refer to our step-by-step guide for further assistance with the request process.
  • Please refer to any applicable Terms and Conditions and the PD Conduct Policy before registering for any PD offering.


Request a workshop

Register to a workshop