IB Anniversary Prize awarded to María Galache Ramos

María Galache Ramos has become the second recipient of the International Baccalaureate Anniversary Prize. María was awarded a Master of Arts in Education (International Education), Merit status, at the University of Bath.

María is only the second recipient of the prize, which was launched last year and is a collaboration between the IB and the University of Bath. The prize is awarded for dissertations that demonstrate excellence and focus significantly on an aspect of the IB and its programmes, be it their philosophy, policy, practice or development.

María’s dissertation title was: “Is My Good Better Than Yours? An Exploration of Examiners’ Interpretation of ‘Common Terms’ in Criterion-Referenced Assessment in the International Baccalaureate Programme”.

María was supported by the IB through the EQA programme, which supports staff financially and offers a period of study leave to be able to complete her studies. In addition to this, the IB enabled María’s collaboration with the Assessment Research and Design team in The Hague so that she could learn how the Common Terms project was conducted in English Literature. From this, María conducted a parallel research project in Spanish and her dissertation investigated the results from the Spanish Literature project and compared them to the results found by the ARD team in English Literature.

María received her MA and prize on 12 December 2017. Presented by the Chancellor of the University of Bath, His Royal Highness the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward. 

IB PYP Curriculum Manager Sarah Brown and IB DP Curriculum Manager Mike Bindon shared their own experiences about the University of Bath and the EQA programme. 

 “I’m at the very beginning of my learning journey with the University of Bath, and have just returned from my first unit buzzing with thoughts, ideas and questions!”, said Sarah. “I can already see so many ways in which the research focus of the Doctorate in Education will enrich the work of myself and my colleagues in the Primary Years Programme. The IB’s EQA programme is great because it supports people in pursuing further education opportunities which benefit both the individual and the wider organisation, now and in the future – it’s a great lifelong learning model”, she added. 

Mike has just completed his fourth and final taught unit at the University of Bath on the EdD (Doctor of Education) course. “It’s a challenging process but so much of the content feeds directly into my day job as a curriculum manager, where I develop the DP film and theatre courses”, said Mike. “The staff in the Department of Education at Bath are fantastic and are regarded as the ‘gurus’ of international education, so it was the obvious choice as a place to study for me. I’ve met many, many inspiring educators who are taking the course alongside me and I have loved being a student again”.


The University of Bath will host the 2018 IB Educator Certificate University Conference, taking place from 18  20 June 2018.