International mindedness inside and outside the classroom a rising trend


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In a recent blog post for Huffington Post, international educator Carolyn Savage writes about the importance of international mindedness, and how to encourage it at home.

Through international mindedness students can work in harmony with peers from around the world, learn from each other and learn about different perspectives. It also helps to promote respect, empathy and compassion. 

Many schools have policies in place and organize special events to help develop global citizens. A recent study by ACS International Schools, suggests that the IB helps to encourage a global outlook.

In today’s globalized world, with worldwide environmental concerns and migration, international mindedness is a must for both teachers and parents.

“Multiculturalism is widespread and with social media bringing the benefits of international living into our homes, our children are keen to explore!”, Savage says. She shares tips on how parents can help their child develop an international mindset by exploring new cultures and countries through travel, or learning a new language together. Parents can also read stories from around the world, watch documentaries with their children or volunteer at local shelters.

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