Results of consultation with DP and CP schools about on-screen examinations

The IB has published the results of a consultation with all Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) schools, which aims to help the organization better understand school perceptions around the opportunities, challenges and support needs for implementing on-screen examinations in the DP and CP assessments.

The consultation undertook detailed case studies with six representative schools alongside an all school survey to inform and shape the IB’s work on eAssessment and the implementation of on-screen examinations.

The survey had a strong engagement rate of 63% with over 2000 responses gathered from heads of schools and IB coordinators.

Overall schools were receptive to the idea of implementing on-screen examinations with numerous perceived benefits identified including:

    • Benefits to students: a modern, 21st century approach to assessment; more authentic or enhanced assessments; mitigation of effects of poor handwriting; quicker and higher quality feedback
    • Benefits to teaching and learning: integration of technology; improved student preparation and learning
    • Benefits to teachers and schools: administrative convenience; lower exam-related costs

The survey has provided an insight into what schools believe they need to be able to transition to on-screen examinations. This included more information about how the exams would look and work in practice, the software and hardware requirements and the technical support that will be offered.

You can read the research summary and full research report on the DP and CP curriculum research pages.

We will be presenting more detail regarding the research findings at our global conferences.



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