Human library: a life-changing conversation


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The Human Library is a global movement that encourages social change through dialogue. Through discussion, students can prepare for the real world, challenge stereotypes, and eliminate prejudices.

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Human library

To prepare students to collaborate and contribute positively and productively, the the International School of North America (SNA) provides a student-centered learning environment emphasizing the key indicators of leadership, effective communication, civic responsibility, critical thinking, and risk-taking. To support the school’s mission and vision, the library has taken the initiative to create a space for the community to foster a diverse and more inclusive and cohesive community despite cultural, religious, social, and racial differences.

At the beginning of the academic year, the school library hosted the Human Library. The framework is unique because it features local and international staff members who promote their understanding across cultural boundaries. Our “open book” participants shared their experiences from their diverse cultural backgrounds and brought their tales of different cultures and exposures they have encountered.


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