All students across Pakistan now have access to the IB Career-related Programme


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The IB Career-related Programme (CP) has been officially recognized by Pakistan’s Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Ministry of Education, and is equivalent to the Higher Secondary School Certificate (Humanities only). All students across Pakistan will now have access to the qualification.

Uzma Shujjat, IB’s Regional Manager of Pakistan, said: “I am incredibly pleased that the CP is now officially recognized throughout Pakistan; this news will hugely benefit in-country students who are looking to take their next steps in education, and will equip them with the advantage of not only academic knowledge but a solid foundation in career-related skills, which are sought after not only by the top employers in Pakistan, but also around the world.” 

All students who have a Secondary School Certificate, or equivalent qualification, will be eligible to study the CP. IBCC Secretary, Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah, said: “The Career-related Programme offered by the International Baccalaureate fulfils the IBCC basic criteria of equivalence and, hence IBCC approved the case. The CP qualification will provide students to create a pathway towards vocational education that leads to further study, apprenticeships, or employment after graduation. I hope this diploma will play an important role in our system of education and society.”

Universities across the world value a CP student for a number of reasons, including their ability to manage a challenging and varied workload, while also bringing the appropriate level of academic knowledge and understanding. Last year, the University of Cambridge accepted the first CP student into its cohort, and many other internationally-acclaimed universities, acknowledge the range of benefits a CP student can bring. 

The IB would like to thank the IBCC, for its decision and in turn widening access to an IB education.