Webinar: online education for a better world—is it the future?


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On 25 May 2023, the International Baccalaureate will join Dwight Global and King’s InterHigh in a virtual event that will investigate whether online learning can complement brick-and-mortar schools in the future educational landscape.

As a global leader in providing transformational educational experiences, the IB understands the importance of holistic student development. In the webinar, educators will discuss how this important aspect of education translates to an online school. 


During the webinar experts and educators will explore if it is possible to balance student wellbeing and pastoral care in online education. The panel will discuss their experiences, the challenges, and the successes from the first six months of the pilot.     

The IB has partnered with Dwight Global and King’s InterHigh since 2022 to pilot the first-ever fully online Diploma Programme.