IB presents a new visual identity for schools offering Middle Years Programme (MYP) eAssessment


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To celebrate an ongoing commitment to innovative education, all schools offering the optional MYP eAssessment will now be awarded the MYP Programme logo with eAssessment.

The MYP eAssessment has benefits for both educators and students. For teachers it encourages them to meaningfully integrate digital technology in the learning, teaching and assessment practices. For students, it helps them to build digital literacy and measures their ability to transfer their learning and deeper conceptual understanding, offering practitioners valuable insights into how students learn and think. 

By introducing the MYP eAssessment visual identity, the IB will have the opportunity to help students and parents easily identify schools that offer the programme.  

Cijith Jacob, MYP coordinator at Bonn International School, said: "We wanted to allow students to take advantage of what the IB created with research and cutting-edge technology. Students are citizens of the digital world."

All IB World Schools that have registered students for the MYP eAssessment in May or November 2021 and May or November 2022 examination sessions were awarded the MYP Programme logo with eAssessment on 1 February 2023. It has also been added to the school’s profile on the IB public website. 

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