The IB encourages the soft skills that businesses value

Mark Seldon, Director of Studies at Gresham’s School, UK, offering both A-levels and the IB Diploma Programme (DP), actively encourages all his students to consider pursuing the IB.

Seldon talks about how the positive effects of the IB diploma last way beyond school and higher education. “The programme focuses on developing self-motivation and organisation, juggling workloads, and understanding communities and relationships”, he says. “The IB encourages the soft skills that businesses value – things like teamwork, communication, and empathy – and the IB’s Learner Profile also helps students to consider their place in society, which means that they don’t just survive beyond school, but thrive, and will often try to make a difference”, he continues. 

In the DP, students choose three higher levels subjects and three standard level subjects, as opposed to A-levels where students choose three subjects. “The IB Diploma actually requires students to continue subjects that are deemed essential by employers, such as their first language, a science of their choice and, to some students’ initial horror, maths”, says Seldon. “In terms of addressing the skills shortage in this country, encouraging students to take languages, maths and a science through to 18 is undoubtedly a positive step towards equipping the next generation”, he continues. 

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