IB Diploma Programme expands across Costa Rica

Thanks to an intensive and inspirational collaborative effort, the Diploma Programme (DP) will now be offered at 20 public schools across Costa Rica, fulfilling a long-held aim of the Association of International Baccalaureate Schools of Costa Rica (ASOBITICO).

IB Director General, Dr Siva Kumari, said “I am delighted to see that Costa Rica has taken the last steps to extend the International Baccalaureate program to 20 public schools, which are part of our global community. This is a significant and inspiring achievement as we work together to spread education for a better world.”

Nine years ago, the Liceo de Costa Rica and the Colegio Experimental Bilingüe de Palmares were the first two public schools in Costa Rica to offer the DP. This year, 703 students in the country are enrolled in the programme.

“This milestone is key to closing the gap between public and private education in Costa Rica. We are providing —at no additional cost— more schools and students from all backgrounds with access to a world-class educational program,” says Steve Aronson, founder of ASOBITICO.

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