Government of Andorra chooses IB to complement national curriculum

Andorra is the first country to adopt the IB to complement its national curriculum and teach our programmes in all schools.

Students of 16 and above will either enrol in the Diploma Programme (DP) or the Career-related Programme (CP).

IB Director General, Dr Siva Kumari: "I am delighted with this significant, far-sighted decision by the Andorran government. The result of thoughtful and deliberate collaboration between the IB and the government, it reflects our shared commitment to making the best international education available to Andorran students. The decision was based on research findings which demonstrated the positive impact of the IB in state supported schools. Both schools and students will benefit, and it will enable Andorran education to have an international pathway. I have personally thoroughly enjoyed talking to Andorran educators and the Minister of Education and look forward to continuing our work together to create a better world through education."

The authorization process was started in January 2016 when the Andorra government was reviewing their post-16 education system, PERMSEA. Research on the impact of the DP in state schools in Spain greatly helped to further the process, and the government also decided to implement the CP. For the Andorra government, the IB is a logical step from PERMSEA, with a similar methodology. More so, they believe both the DP and CP will increase student mobility to institutions of higher education around the world.

“I commend the vision of the Andorran government, and I look forward to following the progress of these schools as they move through the school lifecycle and begin to impact education in Andorra,” says Jon Halligan, IB Head of Development for Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Teaching is expected to start in 2019, at Escola Andorrana Batxillerat and Centre de Formació Professional D'Aixvall. The first class of IB students will graduate in 2021.