First South Korean public schools join the IB


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Following more than three years of consultations with the Daegu and Jeju Offices of Education, the IB welcomes the country's first public schools.

Beginning in March 2022, Taegu Foreign Language High School, Posan High School and Kyungpook National University High School will offer the IB Diploma Programme (DP) comprising a select group of DP subjects taught and examined in Korean in the city of Daegu.

The collaboration between the IB and these schools will provide South Korean students with the skills needed to thrive and make a difference in a rapidly changing world. As part of the memoranda of cooperation between the IB and Daegu and Jeju Offices of Education, the IB offers a select group of Diploma Programme subjects in Korean and supports teachers' training and professional development. DP students in public high schools in Korea may take up to four DP courses as well as the DP core—extended essay (EE), theory of knowledge (ToK) and creativity, activity, and service (CAS)—in Korean. 

Ashish Trivedi, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Innovation and Incubation, said: "We are very excited to welcome the first three public schools in Daegu, South Korea, to the IB family. With our partnership with the Daegu and Jeju Offices of Education, South Korea joins Germany and Japan to work with us in making parts of the IB Diploma Programme available in their national languages. We are very proud and humbled that with support from government educational offices in Germany, Japan and South Korea, more and more public-school students can now experience an IB education in their national languages".