CP viable alternative to T-levels says school head

Head teacher of Coastal Academies Trust sees the IB Career-related Programme (CP) as a viable alternative to T-levels in the UK.

Paul Luxmoore, executive head teacher of Coastal Academies Trust in Kent, cites the “restrictive paradigm” implicit in the UK’s educational system that forces students into two opposing paths: academic or vocational studies. 

The relatively new T-levels are designed to bridge this gap. T-levels, after all, combine academic and vocational studies. Paul believes there already is a good alternative, the CP. The programme changes students’ lives, “because instead of limiting their options, it is designed to keep their options open, both in terms of destination —work, apprenticeships or university— and how they learn. It is designed to develop skills and, through the IB learner profile, qualities”.

The CP challenges students both at academic and vocational level. Students study at least two academic courses, a vocational course and learn a language. In addition, they keep a journal to reflect on their learning and personal development, take part in service learning and work on a reflective project.

The CP is currently being offered by 177 schools in 25 countries, with the largest concentration of schools in Kent, UK.

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