Call to MYP schools offering onscreen exams

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) development team are looking for schools to take part in the trial of an updated MYP interdisciplinary assessment model. The trial will run between 3 and 14 June 2019 (schools can select any day and time between these dates) and will involve current MYP 4 students.

Benefits to schools:

  • Counts towards an interdisciplinary unit for MYP 4 students.
  • Free to schools and students.
  • Gain practice experience of a ‘mock’ MYP on-screen examination for MYP 4 students.
  • The students' work will be marked and graded by the IB and returned to the schools after grading.
  • Contribute to the continued improvement of the interdisciplinary learning assessment model by providing valuable feedback to the IB.

Requirements for volunteering schools:

  • The school must currently enter MYP 5 candidates for the MYP interdisciplinary on-screen examination.
  • The trial examination will be available in English only.
  • Certificate and non-certificate candidates are allowed to volunteer.
  • Ensure students are confident with the on-screen platform using the familiarization tool.
  • Ensure students are prepared prior to the examination with the relevant pre-release material.
  • Trial the examination between 3 to 14 June 2019 at a time of the school’s convenience.
  • Collect and send the student response file to the IB within 48 hours of sitting the examination.
  • Provide student and teacher feedback after the examination.
  • Permit the use of anonymized student responses to be used in training material and teacher support material and the guide.
  • Permit the use of anonymised feedback to be used in marketing and IB related communications.

We invite MYP schools to acknowledge their interest by 25 March 2019 by sending an email to the MYP development team. Once we receive interest from a number of schools, we will share with them relevant trial forms and inform schools about the next stages in the trial process.