60 second interview advocating for the IB

In a 60 second interview with British Education Magazine, John Claughton explains why he strives to develop the IB in the UK after abandoning A-levels in favour of the Diploma Programme.

Claughton is the former Chief Master of King Edward’s in Birmingham. He expresses how his support for an IB education lies in the depth of its programmes, “This is an education that turns away from anachronism of specialisation and requires all students to study language and communication, science and maths, the humanities. And it explicitly teaches the skills that the world needs, for example through the extended essay (EE) and the broader thinking in theory of knowledge (TOK).”

With the growing debate in the UK about the nature of education—what it is for and how it is preparing students for their future lives and jobs in a rapidly changing world—Claughton interprets the IB as ‘a proper education.’ He cites one piece of evidence, “universities are increasingly aiming to attract IB students by lowering their offers.”

Read the full interview in The British Education Magazine Dubai Edition (see page 98).