Students challenge personal boundaries at IB World Student Conference

From 20 July to 5 August 2017, IB students got together in Rochester, US, for one of three IB World Student Conferences.

The theme of this particular IB World Student Conference was ‘Defining and defying boundaries’. Four DP students from Sumner High School travelled to Rochester to meet with peers from around the world and take part in active discussions.

Throughout the week, students listened to experts, designed new Creativity, activity and service (CAS) projects—and learned that boundaries are not always negative. The most important aspect of the conference however was, in the students eyes, breaking their personal boundaries.

“IB is definitely more about camaraderie of students, and this group we form and this worldwide bond we create through our learning”, Zach said. “I think meeting new people that come from such different backgrounds have so many different domestic issues at home, but despite all this, we’re all together, looking toward the future. That’s a cool boundary we’re able to defy”.

Registration for the 2018 IB World Student Conferences is now open. The IB has a number of scholarships available for both DP and CP students.

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