IB Student wins EARCOS Global Citizenship Award


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Diploma Programme (DP) student Himani Vasnani, a senior at American School Hong Kong, has won the EARCOS 2022 Global Citizenship Award.

During her time at the American School Hong Kong (ASHK), Himani has actively contributed to her school and local community life and demonstrated a passion for altruism. She played an active role in her school's equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) committee and was instrumentally involved in charitable works, assisting with the Box of Hope project to provide educational gifts to underprivileged children in Asia at Christmas time. She also ensured that the whole school took part in the annual global Terry Fox run to raise money for cancer research. Himani also developed and implemented the school's first International Day, based on her experiences with Racial Harmony Day while growing up in Singapore.

"Being an IB student at ASHK has motivated me to push myself and to contribute as much as possible to society. For example, I initiated and managed the school's first-ever Terry Fox run as part of the DP core creativity, activity, service (CAS) requirement to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer. By lobbying my school to run this event and raise money for cancer research, I recognized how much of an impact one individual can make and that even making a small impact is important. This event was significant to me because my father recently died from brain cancer, and running the event has played a crucial role in my character development. Furthermore, without the IB, I would not have discovered multiple global perspectives on various global issues. Above all, I realized that my CAS work helped me discover my love for being a part of and giving back to my local community", said Himani Vasnani.

The EARCOS Global Citizenship Award is organized and run by the East Asia Regional Council of Schools. To qualify for the award, students must be strong academics, able to speak at least two languages and embrace the qualities of a global citizen. This includes being well-informed, open-minded and able to demonstrate awareness and empathy. Award candidates must show concern and care for others and be able to encourage and foster a sense of community. They must be proud representatives of their own nation who show respect for the diversity of other nations, able to interact and communicate effectively with people from all walks of life while having a sense of collective responsibility for all who inhabit the globe.