Further update for the May 2022 examination session


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The IB understands that the pandemic has been, and continues to be, an exceptionally difficult time for our global community. The IB continues to work closely with schools to understand the circumstances faced by our community globally and to ensure that the needed support and resources are provided.

For the May 2022 Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme session, where safe and possible to do so, the IB believes that students sitting examinations is the best method to assess student capability.

However, we know that there will be circumstances where schools cannot hold exams due to government mandates, closures or restrictions, and there may also be cases where a group of students or individual students cannot sit some or all of their exams due to COVID-related illness, quarantine or legal right to remote education. In those circumstances, the school can request the non-exam contingency for students to be awarded grades without written examinations for those subjects or components impacted. This will be based on the non-exam route we deployed last year.

We are also conscious that the pandemic will have been experienced in different ways by students in different countries and regions. We will consequently also be looking to use grade boundaries to mitigate the impact of these distinctive experiences.

The IB’s dedicated teams will continue to work closely with schools, providing timely information, resources and opportunities for questions and feedback as we prepare for the May 2022 examination session. In addition, the IB will continue to share information about awarding results for the May 2022 session.

The IB cares deeply about our students and their progression in future stages of life and has shared a letter with students and their parents including further information on how the session will work and how the IB will consider the impact of disruption to education.

Read the letter here (PDF, 146KB).

For more details on the May 2022 session, students and teachers are encouraged to talk to their school’s IB coordinator.