Career-related studies provide opportunities in a competitive job market


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“I attended Malmö Borgarskola in Sweden where I completed the Career-related Programme in 2021. The career-related studies I pursued as part of the programme was directed at Business Administration in Hospitality Management (BAHM). After graduating from high school, I continued building my career within that industry. I currently work as a Front Office Supervisor at a hotel right next to Copenhagen airport in Denmark. I started working there as a receptionist right after completing high school and was promoted to supervisor after a couple of months.

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Hanna Olofsson

Research in 2021 into the outcomes of Career-related Programme (CP) students in Kent showed that students believed the CP had helped to develop key skills for education, work and life. 87% agreed that the CP had developed their academic skills, 82% reported that the CP had developed their work-based skills and 70% agreed that the CP had developed their personal skills.


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