World Poetry Day in the IB community

To mark World Poetry Day on 21 March we are sharing five poems written by IB students and teachers across the world.

What is community service? 

Valérie Barnabé, Middle Years Programme (MYP) coordinator at John Paul I and Laurier Macdonald High Schools in Montreal, Canada, shared a poem titled “What is community service?” written by Dominic Auciello, where he highlights the value of community service.

Community service is something we all should do
We need to help the old and young ones too
Community service will benefit others
Let us help our sisters and our brothers.”

Enjoy Dominic’s full poem here.


I believe in simple truths

Nargi Golashi, a 13-year-old student MYP student at Albanian College Durres in Albania, has written a poem entitled “I believe in simple truths”.

I believe in simple truths,
Like 1+1=2.
I believe in facts, theorems, and postulates,
For they are tools
That help us understand
The world around us just a little better.”

Read Nargi’s full poem here.



Nathan Omprasadham, a Diploma Programme (DP) student at the Overseas School of Colombo in Sri Lanka, shows that mathematics and poetry exist in cooperation rather than competition in his poem titled “Non-Cartesian”.

It’d be easier if we were data points
Just functions on a graph
So I could plot our intersections
every time we cry or laugh.”

Enjoy Nathan’s full poem here.


The lifelong learner in me

In his poem “The lifelong learner in me” Faten Serhan, an English coordinator at Asamiah International School in Amman, Jordan, describes how Primary Years Programme (PYP) students are lifelong learners by using all the IB learner profile attributes.                                 

As a lifelong learner I begin,
To develop vital skills and attitudes within.
There are concepts and knowledge that I gain,
And through my actions I can explain.

Read Faten’s full poem here.


Se busca habitación interior

Magdalena Ibañez, DP Spanish A teacher at Santiago College in Chile, has written a poem in Spanish entitled “Se busca habitación interior”.

“No os diré que la escritura creativa
es un sendero hacia el pensamiento
o que estimula nuestro entendimiento:
la dura obviedad siempre me fue esquiva.”

Read Magdalena’s full poem here.



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