Scholarship gives South Sudanese refugee new opportunities

Eighteen-year-old Emmanuel’s childhood and educational opportunities in South Sudan were overshadowed by war, but today he is making the most of his scholarship to United World College (UWC) Adriatic in Duino, Italy.

“There is a feeling of freedom up here,” he says. “A human being is like a tree. When you are in a bad environment, you narrow yourself and your thoughts but in a good place, you expand.”

UWC Adriatic is one of the 17 UWC colleges around the world teaching an IB programme, and currently has 188 students of which 10 are refugees. The UWC Refugee Initiative, supported by UNHCR, now aims to provide at least 100 scholarships a year to refugees, more than double the amount it currently offers.

Education is vital for refugees to build their future and rebuild communities recovering from conflict. “We look for potential young leaders and persuasive students who will go out into the world and make a difference,” says Mike Price, Head of UWC Adriatic.

Emmanuel is currently in the first semester of his first year at UWC Adriatic and hopes to study economics at university after graduating from UWC Adriatic, and hopes to return to South Sudan in the future.


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