International mindedness helps students make sense of the world


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Jane Drake, Head of Curriculum Innovation and Alignment at the IB explains how international mindedness helps students prepare for life in the 21st century.

Today’s students need to make sense of fake news, the plight of refugees, terror threats and environmental challenges. Educators can enable them to explore both sides of a story, and help foster a personal concern for all humans and the environment.

“If we are to give our young people a fighting chance to make sense of world events… then we need to offer a globally-minded education from which students will emerge confident and capable to build a future we all want to live in”, says Jane.

IB World Schools have a unique opportunity to encourage intercultural understanding and respect—through the IB learner profile and the rich variety in cultures at their schools. Students learn from each other, get insights into people and cultures across the world, and develop a greater global consciousness.

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