IB students show creativity, caring and innovation in inspirational #generationIB solutions

In the 50 years since the IB was founded, one thing has remained certain and steadfast: The inspirational drive with which IB students face challenges and aim to make the world a better place. This has been illustrated with crystal clarity during the #generationIB finale, as students come together from all corners of the globe to show their passion for solving problems and strengthening communities.

Participants in the #generationIB campaign were asked to form groups, pick themes, and think about how they could begin to solve some of the greatest challenges humanity faces right now. Teams were established in schools all over the world, themes were chosen, topics were meticulously researched, and incoming pictures and messages of the ongoing work impressed us with their detailed, critical and creative approaches.

Among some of the incredible projects submitted, the Genes for Jeans project in Bahrain worked on researching sickle cell disease and the team spoke with patients who have the illness. The team also organised a fundraising event. In India, students worked on setting up their own NGO to address the issue of unused medicines, and managed to organise the supervised redistribution of 137 kilos of medicine to areas in need. 

In Chile and the US, Skype calls were organised between young PYP student teams to discuss healthy eating habits. In India, students invented a cost-effective water purifier. And in Hawaii, the Wipeout Crew (pictured above) took on coastal environmental challenges.

Solutions are still coming in across all of the IB’s social media channels, and we’ll continue to share the inspiration.

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