IB student inspires with MYP personal project

IB Middle Years Programme student Diya Kohli created a socially conscious recycling concept called REDONE/IT by Diya for her personal project.

REDONE/IT by Diya is a concept that converts old denim into bags and it was created to empower women who work on developing the products with Diya. ''I collect old used denim, wash it and dry clean it, before sorting them according to wear and tear. The denims are then turned them into fashionable bags with the help of underprivileged women,'' says Diya.

The personal project encourage students to complete a significant piece of work over an extended period, and the aim of the project is to enable students to reflect on their learning and the outcomes of their work.

What started as a small project has grown into a worldwide concept. Dr Susan Zacharias, a teacher at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach, Florida, US, said ''most of the time, we ask students to act local and think global but [Daya] went above and beyond''.

The response has been very positive, and Diya donates the money she receives to the Tosha Memorial Hospital in India. ''That is the hospital my grandmother went to when she had cancer'', says Diya. She credits the MYP for giving her the opportunity to create a worldwide concept: ''The IB gave me this opportunity to do something so much bigger that I would never think of doing''.

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