DP students help to abolish medical debts

Two ambitious high-school students are taking the values embodied by the IB to another level by starting a challenging project to abolish medical debts.

Samir Boussarhane and Falen McClellan, two Diploma Programme (DP) students at Pensacola High School, Florida US, wanted to do something different as part of their Creativity, activity and service (CAS) requirements. The two were inspired by a 2016 episode of Last Week Tonight when host John Oliver purchased and abolished USD 15 million in medical debts through RIP Medical Debts, and the two students decided to do the same in the Pensacola/Mobile area.

Through cookie sales, pizza parlors, a Facebook page and game nights, the ‘Debt Sharks’ as they call themselves, Samir and Falen have so far raised USD 10,000 (which would abolish USD 1 million in medical debts). Thanks to an anonymous donation by an IB parent, they might be able to reach their initial goal of abolishing USD 3 million in medical debts. “We were amazed and thrilled, but we are not stopping our work until the very end of this coming December,” says Samir.

DP coordinator Lauren Brewer adds: “For these two to not be intimidated by the size of the project and the work to be involved is impressive. We care about our communities, and relieving residents of this medical debt is extremely impactful.”

RIP Medical Debts has now created a template so that other schools can join the effort too.

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