280 student-athletes to start at new Athlete Friendly Education Centre

Though a unique partnership between Rivers International School Arnhem and FSG Academy Apeldoorn, young athletes will have the opportunity to train, compete and complete the Diploma Programme (DP).

Rivers International School was awarded the exclusive accreditation to become an Athlete Friendly Education Centre (AFEC) last month. Worldwide there are only 14 other schools that have been accredited as AFEC.

“We are very proud that we’re part of this solution to offer top athletes the best of both worlds, sports and education” says head of school of Rivers International School Arnhem, Jochen Katzer.

The first cohort of students, around 280 in total, will start in September. With the support of the IB, these 16-19 year olds will complete the DP programme over a three-year period at Rivers International School Arnhem. The student athletes will board and play sports at FSG Academy in Apeldoorn.

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Jess's story

Jess Neilson, a recent Diploma Programme (DP) student tells us about her commitment to sports and academics: “I play rugby at a pretty competitive level so I’ve always looked for ways to push and challenge myself outside the sport as well.”

Many schools recognize that a commitment to sports, the arts and other extracurricular activities can align well with the challenges of DP studies. We want to share their stories and encourage more young people to consider how the DP is an option for them.

If you would like to share a similar journey from a current or past student at your school please share your story with us