Thomas Brady – Québec, Canada

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Thomas Brady is a graduate of Cégep Garneau in Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. He continued his studies in water technologies at Cégep Saint-Laurent in Montreal, Canada. After graduating from the IB, he joined the Cégep Garneau Association of IB Graduates as an administrator. He plans to continue his studies in water engineering at Laval University while also keeping up with his other interests.

Why did you decide to pursue the Diploma Programme?

Thomas Brady

I completed the MYP and I found it to be a very memorable experience. When I started thinking about my secondary studies, the DP was not one of the options I considered even though it was the logical continuation of my academic studies. After visiting some cégeps and having discussions with my programme coordinator, I visited Cégep Garneau where I was lucky enough to meet the school programme coordinator, Pierre Vachon. He took the time to explain how the IB works, the courses and took me around the school. I was hooked. I submitted my application the very next day. 

What advice do you have for current IB students?

The IB programme is unique and demanding, no one will deny that. Enjoy it, take advantage of the opportunities it offers and take care of yourself! We often forget that we have to be in shape in order to do everything we want.

How did the IB broaden your horizons and impact your career and your beliefs?

The IB isn’t just a programme with courses. It offers the students real opportunities! These opportunities allow you to learn about and shape yourself. The time spent on CAS allowed me to work on projects, be involved with different committees and practice sports that I never would have thought I would like. The programme also showed me my personal limits. After this programme, I was a different person. I discovered that my current field of study is not going to become my profession and is only a hobby.

What was the most memorable part of your IB experience?

The best memories that I have of the IB programme are the study nights and the activities that I carried out with my friends! They were strangers at the beginning of the programme, but after two years, they were my family. Together we got through the end of the session, handing in our extended essays and the famous final examination period. I have never been so close to other people.


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