Alexandra Eguiluz – Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Alexandra graduated from Saint Mary of the Hills School in Argentina. She went on to study Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management at Universidad Panamericana where she also obtained a post-graduate degree in Operations Management, with honours. For the last two and a half years, Alexandra has been working for KidZania, a company that combines learning with entertainment, educating kids while they role-play being grown-ups.

Alexandra EguiluzHow did you reach where you are today?

 It’s been a long road of constant studying and lots of learning. The IB helped me think unconventionally, to look beyond and to reach my own conclusions through research and dialogue. I feel that the IB has provided me with a broader vision, something that allows me to use research and rationalization to reach my own conclusions—a valuable asset in both my chosen career and my current job. 

Why did you originally decide to pursue the IB Diploma Programme?

My initial motivation came from simply wanting to have the chance to earn a diploma from a school like Saint Mary of the Hills School that recognizes the knowledge and the way of thinking promoted by the IB around the world. 

Which of your IB teachers inspired you most?

All of them. I don’t think that I would be able to choose just one since each of them gave me that extra something that helped me reach where I am today; I can’t thank them enough. All of the teachers at Saint Mary of the Hills School deserve special recognition because all of them are extraordinary human beings and inspirations for all of their students. 

What advice do you have for current students?

They need to take advantage of this opportunity that they have been given. They are not just earning their diplomas, they are also being taught a way of life and a way of learning that will help them achieve all of their goals. Though it may seem difficult at first, perseverance will win out. Students shouldn’t worry about being number one but rather they should enjoy their time at school alongside teachers who are there to help them give their best throughout this great, life-changing experience.