IB co-published classroom resources

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IB partners with best-in-class educational publishers to create a diverse range of reliable, high-quality resources.

These resources serve as pillars of support for IB teachers and inspire IB learners globally, empowering them with the necessary tools to make informed choices in their educational journey. Together with the publishing partners, IB curates educational materials that foster inquiring, knowledgeable, and compassionate learners.

The "in cooperation with" logo


Look out for this logo on the front covers of our co-published resources. Each resource undergoes rigorous quality checks by the IB, guaranteeing alignment with the latest curriculum and comprehensive coverage of essential learning objectives.

What makes IB co-published classroom resources stand out?

  • Aligned with the latest IB curriculum: Our resources are aligned with the current IB curriculum, ensuring relevance and accuracy. 
  • Comprehensive quality assurance: Each resource undergoes rigorous evaluations by the IB, guaranteeing excellence in quality.
  • Reviewed and approved by IB experts: IB subject matter experts approve all content, ensuring educational integrity. 
  • Early access coinciding with curriculum launch: We publish our resources concurrently with the launch of curriculum guides for first teaching subjects, providing educators with the earliest access to newly available materials.
  • Global suitability: Our resources are tailored to meet the diverse needs of IB World Schools around the globe. 

“The achievement of the IB co-publishing programme stems from years of collaboration—not a mere few months. It embodies an ongoing, dedicated exchange between publishers and the IB. Our shared goal is to ensure that schools, teachers, and students receive the highest-quality resources, aligned with our educational objectives.”Loic Ropartz, IB Curriculum Manager

Co-publisher insights 

The IB co-publishing programme features selected titles from the leading educational publishers. Discover the series that underwent the quality check from the IB and support the latest syllabus updates. 

Oxford University Press has been publishing in cooperation with the IB since 2006 and is the IB's first and most long-standing co-publishing partner. They create innovative resources to support the Diploma Programme and Middle Years Programme, including IB Prepared–the only IB assessment preparation resource published in cooperation with the IB. 

Pearson has been publishing high-quality resources in cooperation with the IB from 2022 providing teachers and learners with everything they need for their IB journey, from the DP sciences series and with the most recent resources for DP global politics and environmental systems and societies.

Hodder Education

Hodder Education has been publishing in cooperation with the IB since 2014 on select titles for MYP by Concept 4&5 series. Since 2020, the range of co-published resources also includes course books for DP and CP students, including DP sciences, global politics and environmental systems and societies. 

The IB has been publishing in cooperation with Kognity since 2022. The IB partnered with Kognity to produce a first-of-its-kind digital resource for DP business management, as well as resources for the DP sciences. 


For this first-of-its-kind theatre resource for students, the IB has collaborated with the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) in 2023, an arts charity that also runs the DP theatre professional development workshops.  

John Catt

John Catt Educational has been publishing the official IB World Schools Yearbook in cooperation with the IB since 2006. The IB has also partnered with John Catt Educational to produce the book The International Baccalaureate: 50 Years of Education for a Better World. Since 2021 John Catt Educational has been part of Hodder Education. 

Contact IB Publishing

If you are interested in becoming a co-publisher or in learning about other ways of collaborating with the IB, please get in touch and we'll be happy to give you the information you need.