Fees and services

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a not-for-profit organization, which covers its main operational costs by charging fees to schools – in order to provide services supporting those schools and to implement our education programmes.

Depending on their status with the IB, schools pay different fees. There are two types of school:

  • Authorized schools: authorized IB World Schools pay annual fees, in return for a number of services. These services are outlined in the next section. 
  • Interested and candidate schools: schools that are in the process of becoming authorized pay fees used to meet the cost of administering the authorization process. 
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There are also costs for examinations


What services do schools receive? 

In return for their fees, authorized IB World Schools receive a number of services. These include:

  • secure access to the IB’s Programme Resource Centre (PRC) for every teacher in the school
  • support from IB regional office staff
  • ongoing programme evaluation to improve the quality of teaching and practice
  • free use of the IB World School name and logo, indicating the school’s unique international status and connection with the IB
  • the opportunity to contribute to the IB’s governance structure
  • a dedicated page for every IB World School on this website.

IB World Schools also receive access to the IB information system (IBIS) which is necessary for performing certain administrative tasks. 

Participation and representation

As part of its commitment to IB World Schools, the organization works hard to ensure that schools both have a voice and are well respected for their role in education. 


Our regional offices are always seeking to improve support of the IB by universities and governments. IB World Schools benefit from the IB’s continuing work to improve the already strong reputation of the organization, its programmes and the schools.


IB World Schools are represented at the IB through a participative governance structure. There are regional heads representative committees and an international heads representative committee, through which schools can ask questions or raise concerns.

By-request services

In addition to the core services, the IB offers a number of optional services that schools can request when needed. In each case, a fee is charged.

In the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the IB offers a monitoring of assessment service. When a school sends samples of internally assessed student work and receives feedback from an experienced Middle Years Programme assessor in the form of a report.

In the Diploma Programme (DP), we offer:

  • An enquiry upon results service—when a school or student has further queries about a result achieved in IB assessment.
  • A legalization service—where a country requires the IB diploma to be formally "legalized" in Geneva before it will be recognized by a university.