IB Publishing

At the IB, we create educational resources that foster inquiring, knowledgeable and caring learners. Our publishing program spans the entire academic spectrum, including a wide range of textbooks, curriculum guides, exam materials, and digital resources that support IB teachers and encourage IB learners worldwide. Everything we publish relates directly to the IB mission: to create a better world through education.

Educational resources for schools

Are you an IB educator looking for resources for your school? We have a wide range of materials to support you in the classroom including textbooks, exam papers, curriculum guides, posters and more.


How we work with publishers

Are you a publisher and interested in co-developing educational materials for schools to support the IB curriculum? We work with a variety of publishers to co-publish textbooks and other resources that closely reflect the IB syllabuses.

Licensing IB materials

Find out how to get a license to reproduce IB copyrighted content, such as exam questions, text from curriculum guides, programme models and more.

Contact IB Publishing

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or requests about IB educational resources or services.