Licensing IB materials

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Information for licensing varies depending on whether you are an IB World School or a third party.

If you are an IB World School

The IB grants to IB World Schools a license to reproduce IB content within certain restrictions. IB World Schools should refer to the Rules for Use of IB Intellectual Property for guidance on what is and is not allowed. IB Schools can contact [email protected] if their question is not covered in the Rules.

If you are a third party

If you wish to use IB content and are not an IB World School then you are considered a third party and will need to obtain a license from the IB.

Please be aware that you also need to obtain a license if you wish to make a commercial use of any IB materials purchased from the Follett IB store or Titlewave (e.g. if you wish to use content from IB Examination Papers as part of a for-fee tutoring service).

These guidelines provide advice on how to apply for such a license. Please be aware that a charge will usually be made for any license issued.