Research studies

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The following Assessment research studies address a range of topics related to the IB educational programmes that include IB summative assessments, the DP, CP and MYP. These studies focus on assessment related issues and ensure that IB assessment and its examination processing are appropriately informed by current research.

What is good practice for Open Book Assessment

Allowing students to use reference aids – a data booklet, a text book or sometimes a brief summary of their own notes – is not new, although it has become more popular during the pandemic. This study highlights what would IB need to consider and what would that mean for schools if more IB exams would become open book in the future?

Is DP science lost in translation?

In this study, Oxford University analysed student data from the May 2018 and 2019 DP Science exams to explain some of the differences in student achievement. They found that IB translations are of high quality.

Academic Honesty in the DP

This extensive study explores the Academic Honesty Survey in the DP; carried out by students, teachers and school administrators from 76 different IB World Schools worldwide.

Report on the DP Academic Honesty Survey

This study looks into three surveys taken by students, teachers and school coordinators, about teaching Academic Honesty within the DP.

Report on the trial MYP eAssessments

This study explores the MYP eAssessment as a digital assessment platform, by observing IB World School students' on-screen examinations internationally.