What is good practice for Open Book Assessment?

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Jessica N. Jacovidis, Kristine L. Chadwick and Paul Beach – Inflexion report for IB

The IB currently allows students to use reference aids in some DP exams, e.g. the use of the data booklet in DP Chemistry. Other examples of so-called Open Book Exams (OBEs) can include the use of school textbooks and student notes. While OBEs are not new, there is very little research on how they can best be introduced in an international and multi-lingual context such as the IB. IB commissioned Inflexion to summarise the literature and recommend guidelines for IB should it decide to introduce other types of OBEs. It includes a survey of our schools to understand what schools would need to have and to do to prepare their students for this type of exams. 

Executive summary (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Full report (PDF, 20.4 MB)

Supplementary materials (PDF, 7.8 MB)