Curriculum research

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Curriculum research studies support the review of curricula across the IB's programmes, improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning, and explore initiatives, strategies and challenges encountered by schools, students and teachers.

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We also publish studies examining more than one IB programme

The studies discuss a range of topics, including international mindedness, student wellbeing, transdisciplinarity, and language policies.

These studies are published in a range of formats, in order to approach the question of programme development and the review of curricula. We approach these research areas through a series of literature reviews to keep us updated on contemporary educational thinking and practice, while surveys and case studies investigate major trends and relate theory to effective practice.

Curriculum research areas

The studies cover four key areas, and each area has a distinctive aim: 

  • Fostering curriculum implementation, by exploring and analyzing educational innovation and initiatives, strategies, challenges and lessons learned through enhancing the implementation of the IB’s four programmes in diverse school contexts and developing timely resources for the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
  • Supporting the continuum of the programmes, by investigating theory and practice of curriculum alignment and articulation to support learning continuum between and across the four programmes.
  • Responding proactively to potentials of and challenges for students in the 21st century, by examining initiatives in cultivating international-mindedness and how it relates to students’ development towards holistic individuals, lifelong learners, and global citizens.
  • Building research capacity for curriculum development, by providing research training to sustain research competences and thus rigorous educational research throughout the continuous curriculum development process of the four programmes.

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