Developing and assessing students' collaboration in the IB programmes (2014)

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The Education Research Center —Texas A&M University

To identify theoretical approaches and practical aspects of student collaboration, researchers conducted a best-evidence synthesis of research literature on student collaboration in K-12 settings across core content areas, including reading/writing, humanities, mathematics and sciences. This study describes interactions between teaching, learning and assessment practices involved with the collaborative process across K-12 settings, with additional attention given to practices involving technology and various cultural or linguistic contexts, including international studies and those involving students learning in a non-native language. The synthesis aims to accomplish two objectives: 1) to identify research-based practices of teaching with, learning through and assessing student collaboration, and 2) to use research-based themes in an analysis of IB curriculum documents in order to assess the extent to which the IB’s collaborative teaching and learning practices align with research.

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Literature review (PDF, 1.16 MB)