Conceptualizing and assessing international-mindedness (IM): An exploratory study (2013)

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Paloma Castro, Ulla Lundgren and Jane Woodin

This exploratory study aims to document and reflect on a range of articulations of international-mindedness (IM), related constructs and the conceptualizations of these constructs through a document analysis and literature review. The study addresses three principal questions: 1) how is IM conceptualized in the IB curricular context? 2) how are constructs related to IM defined and theorized in the research fields of international and intercultural education? and 3) how are IM and related constructs assessed within and outside the IB context? The study aims to increase understanding of international-mindedness as it is currently used both by the IB and others and to provide recommendations for future developments in thinking around IM.

Summary (PDF, 104 KB)

Literature review (PDF, 1.71 MB)