Request an online workshop

Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in an online workshop for a high-quality learning experience and the same teaching concepts that you would explore in a face-to-face workshop setting. Schools that participate in our cost-effective online workshops will contribute to the IB World School authorization or evaluation processes. The IB is currently offering opportunities for single schools or groups of schools who require training online or “requested” online workshops. 

The difference between a scheduled online workshop and a requested online workshop

There are more than 400 online workshops to choose from and these are offered throughout the year. If you are not available when your choice of online workshop is scheduled, you can complete the request form below. Schools and districts have the option to request workshops to be delivered as part of a global cohort or exclusively to their own school. Online workshops delivered exclusively to one school or one district have more real time interaction and therefore, resemble a virtual in-school or cross-district workshop experience. If you would like to know more about online professional development (PD) and how it works, please visit our page.

Do I have to pay extra to make a request? 

The cost is the same for a scheduled or requested standard global online workshop. The price for our standard global online workshop is 450 USD per participant. Schools or a group of schools within a single district can also request an online workshop to be delivered exclusively to their staffthis delivery type there is a special group rate of 3000 USD. Please note that the minimum cohort size for a school requested online workshop is seven and the group rate can accommodate a maximum of 25 teachers. If you would like to know more about online workshops requested by schools, please email us.

How do I submit my request? 

If you are new to online PD, please read our completion requirements before submitting your request.

Step 1. Take a look at the full schedule of online workshops here. You can also refer to the IB Workshops and Resources 2020 - 2021 Catalogue to find out what to expect from each workshop.  

Step 2. If you find a workshop that's of interest to you, but it’s not available at a convenient time for you, or is offered in a non-compatible language, your school’s IB coordinator can submit the form below on your behalf.  

Step 3. Depending the delivery type, we require a minimum of four to seven participants to run an online workshop. Online workshop requests must be submitted at least 5 weeks before the online workshop start date.

Please note that the delivery of a requested online workshop is subject to online facilitator capacity.

Step 4. If your request is successful, your IB coordinator will receive an email notification that the workshop is available for registration.

Fill out the form below to request an online workshop

Are you an IB School?
Global online workshop: to request a different session date from the options above. Exclusive delivery to one school: for an online workshop to a school or district.  

Unsuccessful requests

If your request is unsuccessful due to insufficient interest in that workshop, your IB Coordinator will receive notification by email. However, you will still have one week to meet the registration deadline for our scheduled online workshops.