Student and alumni speakers

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At the conference, we were happy to welcome memorable student performances as well as students and graduates of IB programmes, who shared their stories of how the IB shaped their future.

Student performances

Choir and Orchestra from The International School of the Hague

These students from The International School of the Hague present a composition consisting solely of body percussion that they have composed themselves - and the audience plays a part too!

Band from Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest

Listen to three students from International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest, Diederik Zuurmond on guitar, Conrad Zuurmond on drums and Noah Dettmann on bass, perform on stage at the IB Global Conference in The Hague.

Student speakers

Nicholas Fourie, Amsterdam International Community School

“How can we possibly solve the world’s most difficult technological problems, but somehow we cannot live together in peace and harmony?”

Nicholas, an MYP student at Amsterdam International Community School, wrote a powerful poem about the world we live in today and shared it with the audience.

Susanna van Konijnenburg, The International School of the Hague

“We only had three days to meet each other, recap on what refugees experience and find a way to put this all together into one powerful and emotional presentation which they would identify to, whilst tackling the multitude of language barriers.”

Susanna, a DP student from The International School of the Hague, shares IB experiences that are meaningful to her.

Sharvin Nannan Panday, The International School of Almere

“The IB has taught me, and hundreds of thousands of other IB students, that I have the potential to make change in this world, and I am going to do it.”

Shannan, a DP student at The International School of Almere, talks about the pressure that IB students are faced with, how it will all be worth it and how much he admires his school.

Eduardo Lira, The International School of the Hague

“The DP programme has been an incredible experience, the best rollercoaster in the park if you will. I do not know exactly where this rollercoaster will take me, but I cannot wait for the adventure the IB has prepared me for.”

Eduardo, a student in his final year at The International School of the Hague, talks about the ups and downs of being a DP student and highlights the importance of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) and theory of knowledge (TOK).

Alumni speakers

Evie Gilbert, alumna of The International School Eindhoven

“Schools do dominate our lives, and because of this, it is the job of the teacher to ensure so much more than just academic success. A teacher’s goal is to create a successful student, but this is not possible if students and teachers do not have a shared understanding, a shared definition of success.”

Evie, an alumna from The International School of Eindhoven who now studies at University of Aberdeen in Scotland, tells her story of why she wants to become a teacher.

Carlijn-Valerie Lap, alumna of Dubai American Academy

“I may struggle in one subject or area of work or maybe even in an area of life, but I will master another.”

Carlijn-Valerie, an alumna of Dubai American Academy, shares two inspirational stories of how the IB has touched her life.