IB Virtual Conference, Asia-Pacific 2021


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We would like to thank everyone who joined us in our first Asia-Pacific virtual conference. This has been a truly memorable experience bringing together hundreds of passionate educators from over 40 countries to unlock the next paradigm in education.

This virtual gathering created unique space for new thoughts and ideas, where speakers led us to explore shifts in approaches and attitudes shaping the future of learning and teaching.  

Our keynote speakers highlighted the paradigm shift in education today and provided fresh perspectives to transforming our practice. Jeff Butler focused on the recent changes in technology that are contorting the role of educators and the challenges and possibilities they bring, while David Harkin encouraged all of us to embrace our inner “intrapreneur” and create positive ripples of change in our organizations.  

Furthermore, our topic experts shared tangible strategies that can be applied in schools and classrooms. Steve Bollar provided insight into developing environments rooted in respect and values while Chia Suan Chong encouraged educators to equip their students with the ability to communicate across cultures.  

In addition, IB staff and educators provided valuable updates and new approaches to teaching and learning through over 40 breakout sessions. New and experienced IB programme coordinators benefitted from collaborating with authorization staff and IB World Schools staff during the coordinator forums. Attendees at our interactive pre-conference workshops gained necessary skills to be successful leaders during this time of uncertainty and change in education.  

The conference not only provided educators a platform to learn, but also an opportunity to experience a sense of community. We were truly inspired by the insightful discussions that took place in the Roundtables and Community Q&A about topics that matter to educators. Participants were also able to catch missed sessions or re-watch their favorite sessions with on-demand videos made available after the sessions ended. 


Conference highlights

Keynote speakers

Jeff Butler – Bridging the gap between students and educators

David Harkin – Unlocking intrapreneurs in education

Topic experts

Steve Bollar – Unlocking climate and culture

Chia Suan Chong – Helping students become effective international communicators

Save the Date 

The IB Virtual Conference will be coming to the Americas and Africa, Europe and the Middle East from 18–22 October 2021. Get ready to learn and be inspired, as we continue Unlocking the next paradigm in education together. 

See you in October! 

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