Higher education outcomes for DP mathematics HL students (2016)

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Matt Homer and John Monaghan—School of Education, University of Leeds

This study examined students’ experiences with higher level (HL) mathematics in the Diploma Programme (DP), their mathematical self-confidence and self-efficacy and their perceived preparedness for the study of mathematics at university. Additionally, higher education (HE) data was analysed to examine the value-added of studying mathematics HL in comparison to other pre-university mathematics courses. The study involved an online survey of DP mathematics HL alumni from 64 countries and a secondary data analysis of HE outcomes in the United Kingdom (UK), comparing degree outcomes for DP mathematics HL students with students who had studied other pre-university mathematics courses, such as A-level mathematics. Findings indicate that DP mathematics HL alumni have high levels of mathematical self-confidence and self-efficacy across a variety of topics. Generally, the alumni survey indicated that students felt well prepared to study mathematics at the university level. Moreover, data on HE outcomes indicated that mathematics HL alumni were more likely to obtain a first-class degree compared to students who had other qualifications.

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