Career-related experiences and the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (2017)

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Phil Rutherford

Undertaken in the final two years of secondary school, “career-related experiences” enable students to make more informed decisions about their future, and to identify which pathway best suits their career aspirations. This study involved two components: a global survey of schools offering the CP, and a literature review of career-related experiences of senior secondary students in select countries (Australia, India, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States). In the survey, teachers identified some challenges, including a shortage of time in the school calendar, insufficient guidance and a lack of employers either capable or willing to provide career-related experiences for students. Nevertheless, respondents were overwhelmingly in support of career-related experiences as an essential element of the CP curriculum and believed that students enjoyed enhanced learning outcomes and made career decisions with greater confidence through participation in these experiences. The literature review highlighted the importance of schools developing close relationships with local employers to understand the needs of the local job market and to facilitate career-related experiences for students. Effective career-related experiences help students to develop skills and competencies, which increase the likelihood that they will graduate seamlessly to the labour market or be well-prepared for further education.

Research summary (PDF, 279 KB)