Understanding eAssessment

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The MYP eAssessment offers practitioners an innovative tool to gain valuable insights into learning and teaching.

Additionally, it offers students an option to gain a qualification for their middle years' education and an assessment experience that aligns with today’s digital learning environment.

MYP grades provide important, externally-verified results that serve as an alternative to state or national examinations, and support applications for post-16 education.

A flexible learning assessment

MYP eAssessment is purposely designed to reflect the flexible curriculum framework in the MYP. Its flexible nature means it effectively suits the wide variety of school contexts globally.

As an assessment for learning tool, it informs a student’s next steps in their education journey, builds their ability to apply their thinking to new situations, stimulates their learning of skills, and matches the three types of performances that suit a 21st century adolescent mind:

As an assessment of learning tool, it functions as a summative assessment to complete a middle school career with externally IB validated results. This is executed through a series of world-leading, innovative, digital assessments that both ensure a high standard of academically rigour, and inform learning, teaching and creative teacher professionalism.

Registration for MYP eAssessment is highly flexible: it can differ between candidates from a single subject, a variety of subjects or the full MYP certificate.

An innovative, multi-award-winning assessment

The IB launched the MYP eAssessment in 2016 as a leading innovation in the education sector. The MYP eAssessment pushes students well beyond the rote memorization of subject-specific content, where 75% focuses on inquiry, communication and critical thinking skills.

MYP eAssessment has received multiple international accolades:

  • Finalists for ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the Bett Awards (2020)
  • Finalist in the ‘Digital innovation-learning’ category of the PIEoneer Awards (2019)
  • 3-star award in the Assessment category of the Teach Secondary Awards (2019)
  • 'Best use of summative assessment' in the eAssessment Awards in London, UK (2018)
  • 'Best assessment solution' at the ScooNews Global Education Awards in Udaipur, India (2018)
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Forward-thinking and evidence-based assessment

MYP eAssessment reflects existing neuroscience research and the latest studies on playful assessments. The assessment tool matches the three types of performances that suit a 21st century adolescent mind:

In the 7-year development cycle for eAssessment (from 2010–2017), the IB engaged in early discussions with MYP teachers and conducted two early proof of concept trials and a live pilot before successful implementation.

Meaningful and fair assessment

The IB takes great care in ensuring assessment of students is meaningful and fair. IB MYP eAssessment is designed using a set of agreed-upon principles.  

IB MYP eAssessment is a meaningful culmination of a concept-based learning experience, and must:

  • be valid for the purposes for which it is intended.
  • have a positive backwash effect
  • be appropriate for the widest possible range of candidates
  • be part of the context of a wider Middle Years IB programme
  • support the IB’s wider mission and student competencies

Further information: eAssessment materials and resources

Introductory resources

If you'd like a further introduction to eAssessment, take a look at this collection of videos and demos of past exams. You can also access this infographic to gain an understanding of MYP eAssessment. 

For more in-depth information, please watch our series of eAssessment webinars or read some of our school case studies. You can also find statistics on the eAssessment sessions here.

Starting with eAssessment

IB World Schools who want to start with eAssessment can explore these resources:

For further assistance, please contact the IB Answers team or get in touch with your IB World School manager for specialist support.

Preparing for an upcoming examination session

IB World Schools who are preparing for the upcoming examination session for on-screen examinations, ePortfolios or the personal project can find all eAssessment process and procedures materials on the Programme Resource Center (PRC).

For further assistance, please contact the IB Answers team.

Not an IB World School yet?

Any school educating students aged 11-16 can apply to implement the MYP—including the optional MYP eAssessment—and become an IB World School.

Schools must successfully complete an authorization process to become an IB World School. During this process, the IB supports schools in building the understanding and organizational structures it will need to implement IB’s internationally minded programmes.

If you're interested in eAssessment but aren't one already, you can find out how to become an IB World School.